Let There Be Light

Hi, I'm Mick Homer, bond-servant of Jesus Christ. By the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit I have begun a new series of studies from the Word of God called audio “bombshells.”

Bible in a Bombshell

Most of these cover a topic or a Book in Scripture. They are an overview or a summary of my understanding at the time of the recording, and are updated when necessary. The purpose for them is to take the “meatiest” of subjects and present the facts and truths the best I can. I try to define words used in the Bible as I go. I want you to have the best interpretation possible!

Bombshells are “real meat for real Christians,” but interesting enough to appeal to anyone with a thirst for truth.

Some of the subjects the Lord has placed on my heart are now MP3 files of broadcasts (click/press on buttons below to play MP3 audio files, or right click/two-fingers-tap on link to save file to your computer or device. The start button will automaically open your browser/device Audio page for pausing and other controls. Click/press back button to return to home page.)

Don't Be Deceived (28 min.) How do you know if you are a Christian? How can we tell if someone may be self-deceived?

Glory Of The Lord (28 min.) What is the glory of the Lord? How is it revealed?

Grace, Not Law (28 min.) What does it mean to be under grace? The New and the Old covenant.

Greatest Lie (28 min.) What is the greatest lie in the universe? Is the God of the Bible the true Creator?

Harpazo Radio (28 min.) Everyone should find out what this word means.

My God Doesn't Lie (28 min.)

Powers, Principalities, Rulers (28 min.) Are these rulers on Earth or are they fallen angels? Why did they want Jesus crucified?

Revelation In A Bombshell, Part One (28 min.) The Book of Revelation. An overview. Part 1 of 3.

Revelation In A Bombshell, Part Two (28 min.) The Book of Revelation. An overview. Part 2 of 3.

Revelation In A Bombshell, Part Three (28 min.) The Book of Revelation. An overview. Part 3 of 3.

Three Equals One (28 min.) The doctrine of the Trinity revealed. How can we reconcile this concept?

Time's Up (28 min.) When time, as we know it, ends. Great White Throne Judgement.

What Is God's Will For My Life? (28 min.) How do I know I am doing God's will? What happens if I do His will?

When Jesus Returns (28 min.) How and where will He appear? What happens during His reign on earth?

Who Are You? (28 min.) The spirit, mind, soul, earthly body and eternal body. What will we be like for eternity?

Who Chose Whom? (28 min.) Did God choose me before I chose Him? What part do I have in my salvation?

Why God Allows (28 min.) Why is there sin and evil in God’s amazing plan?

Why On Earth Did God Bring the Flood? (28 min.) What really happened in Genesis chapter 6? Why would God destroy even the “creeping things”?